Saturday 24 May 2014

The Courage to Change

I enjoy helping others overcome their challenges as I can relate to the struggles of overcoming some of my own. I struggled with my weight since I was a teenager over 30 years ago. After children, I reached a peak of size 14.

Size 14 Dress 11 years ago
Countless times I lost the weight through some sort of new diet, new exercise program of the day and once I reached the end goal, I'd rebound and regain the weight. I never had healthy examples growing up, and many of my relatives died young from obesity related diseases.

There is no magic pill to overcome weight challenges just like there's no magic pill to fix your relationship, overcome depression or anxiety, or to put your life back on track.

What helped me reach and keep my size 0 today was finding the right personal trainer.  Working one on one with a trained, experienced professional provided me with a concrete plan tailored to my goals. I also learned what I thought I knew about healthy eating was based on misguided information, which is still circulating today, and had contributed to derailing my results. Another important piece to success is the communication between yourself and the professional with whom you work. The right professional listens carefully, knows when to speak up, holds you accountable for your actions, and incorporates tough love as needed.

Age 45 Size 0 at Fitness Competition April 2014
Similarly, self-help books are not tailored to your situation. This is where a counsellor can provide you a tailored solution to overcome your challenges, clarify commonly held misconceptions, keep you accountable, provide empathy, encouragement, and yes even provide tough love when necessary.

Whether it's muscle buidling for fitness, weight loss, depression, or anxiety there are dangerous and easier paths like drugs or alcohol. These can serve as a quick fix but ultimately only delay addressing the core issues in your life.

Like temporary diets versus lifestyle changes, long term success only comes from finding a healthier path you can stay on for the long term. The right professional can provide the helping hand you need.